Thomas Horz

Thomas over the Lago Argentina

Thomas Horz (born in 1959) started gliding at the age of 15. Despite his profession and many honorary activities, gliding remained his great passion.

In the 90’s he bought a Discus bT which he flew for 22 years. But an airplane fascinated him already at this time – the Stemme S10VT. In 2013, after the construction of a big enough hangar, the D-KYTH was purchased. The Stemme offers unique freedom and is probably the most extraordinary glider on the market with self launching capability.

Since 1993 he has flown at least once a year at Klaus Ohlmann’s airfield in Serres Montsaleon in southern France. Over the years he accompanied Klaus again and again with his own airplane and also as Co in Klaus Stemme.

On a trekking trip to Patagonia in 2016 the wish matured to fly once in a lifetime in the fantastic waves of Patagonia. In 2017 Klaus invited him to fly to Zapala for two weeks.

When the request came to accompany the DLR project, it was clear to him that he will support this project with his Stemme.