After a nice evening with some members of the Perlan-Crew, today was the perfect day for a calibration of the new instrument configuration.

The 5 hole probe from German Aerospace was installed under the right wing of the Stemme by Norman Wildmann. All electronic devices are protected in the underwingbox and the perfect sitting “wingshoe” around was built by MWP-Team member Jona Keimer.

D-KYTH and D-KKOP at the fuelstation. On the left side the tow airplane of the Perlan Project the Egrett https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grob_G_520

Refueling needed some time. But finally we started on the long runway of El Calafate. The lake was like a mirror, no wind, perfect condition for some calibration pattern. Everything seems to be fine. We land in last light, happy with these first results…